Come 2 Terms Release

I'm excited to announce that my new EP, 'Come 2 Terms' is officially finished and will be released on 
October 14 worldwide. 3 tracks, 3 narratives, 3 paths is what you will find when you hit that play button. 

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New track, "Wonder If"

You can get the new single, "Wonder If", for FREE. It's a message I'm sure that you can get behind. 

New Single "Can't Trust"

Finally, after two and a half years, the new single, "Can't Trust" is HERE!!! I hope that you show your support and share feedback, whether its GOOD or BAD. All opinions do matter to me. 


Hello, and I want to welcome everyone that has taken the time to check my website out. I hope that you take the time to look around and contact me about anything. I hope that you dig the music and…

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