J-Luv Da Prince is back to reclaim his former titles and be known across the land as the “Prince of R&B.” The Cuero, Texas native began his musical journey in Houston ruing his teenage years as an emcee before progressing into an R&B forward hybrid, a concept where he was one of the first first to do so during the late 2000s. He would release his debut project “How They Told Me To Do It” in 2009, as well as other successful efforts such as 2010’s “The Major Comeback,” the double album “Sexual Encounters/The Heart of a Man,” “Pleasure, Love, & Pain,” another double album entitled "Tha J-Luv Show/From Tha Lips of Royalty,” and “InMyDrakeZone,” an EP composed out of original lyrics over some of Drake’s most popular instrumentals. During the early 2010s, he would be known for his sultry vocals and slick rhymes and rhythms as much as he was known for his consistent output and dedication to his craft. His music is an experience that you feel the same way he does, much more akin to something you breathe and sense more than just “listening.” J-Luv Da Prince would keep up this workflow until 2017 when he would abruptly go on a two-and-a-half-year hiatus. Now, with a refined sound and mindset, he returns with his latest single “Can’t Trust,” showcasing the dawn of a new era!


J-Luv Da Prince, has a true talent in his ability to tell stories with his lyrics.” - Keith Pro

Indie Band Guru

I have no doubt that the best of J-Luv Da Prince is still yet to come…but that without-question, WILL arrive.” - Jer@SBS



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