From the recording A Running Start

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So I tell ya slow it down /and now your insecure
Got that sparkle in your eye /like them feelings pure
Got that liquor in ya cup /and now you feeling bold
Turned it down and now you mad,/why you mad girl/ (why you gotta be so cold)
Thought we were kicking it /no jackie chan
First strike and now you asking for a /second chance, (of course we friends)
Ain't the type to hold a grudge against ya
But you living past tense /like we back to the future, (damn)
The mission never was to ride the wave
But you got caught up in a sense that I would up and trade
Everything I had been working on to/ run away, (with ya)
And yeah I did that girl I /ran away, (I dissed ya)
But babygirl it had to be that way
And as time flew by was hoping you would change
But I'm steady on your mind /I'm not your fucking brain
Kinda acting like this nigga who was untamed, (gotta stop bringing him up)
Go ahead and keep living that night
Mama didn't tell me one kiss would have a woman light, (got you slipping)
Said you always had me in ya sights, (damn you tripping)
And I can see why you've chosen tonight, (cause we sipping)
Got ya game on thinking you /Maya Moore
Made a mistake on playing ball /and now you tryna score, (that's all on me)
How many songs am I featured on
How bout a forfeit babygirl there you go /you won, (not)
Damn it seems that you can't let it go
Didn't even lay the pipe down /but you still feening tho
Begged a nigga just to stay I gotta make it /home
That's where all roads lead to like my home was /Rome, (you get it)
I don't think there's any more to say
Can tell you gon head a /DO IT/ girl fade away
But you don't muthafuckin listen /like your name Makai
Told you drop the damn ball but you disobey
Went days with asking myself
/Why she do this now/, why she tryna take the belt
Sat back and wondered what was next
Ten years strong and you /still tryna flex
/How did it get this far/ are you just fucking ill
can't help to feel what you feel /or is it just a thrill
If you playing round girl you need to let me know
Cause if I let these feelings go /I'm a go for the throat

Meet me
always said call on me anytime you need me
But baby I don't learned something, girl you done freed me
shawty tell me why you wanna mislead me

Take a step a back I don't like the way you greet me
saying you can do better she don't know how to treat me
Girl quit playing games cause I'm feeling like you cheat me
Told him you was crazy but he didn't believe me

And now he making songs and saying that he sleepy (Go to sleep)
With you this house ain't a home it ain't where you need, to, be
Saying you would do anything just to keep me
Give a damn if you're a ten girl and you keep it creamy

Cause I don't wanna play yo game, play yo game
I don't wanna play yo game, play yo game