From the recording Come 2 Terms


See the day I say goodbye
Is the moment I see the light of day
Man, what the fuck am I talking about

Why must I stand here and think that I could change they minds
We done been over this shit so many damn times, hide and seek I can't find
None of these folks that said that they were down this fucking town
Don't understand why I won't let these suckas drown, ill break it down
Man, I recall you used to hit me up to chill
Now you hide from your reflection and the real
You can't deal with the fact that you switched up
Now every time I look you in your eyes I see the bitch in you, you haven't built up
There ain't no difference in between us
Except you act a fool on that visit from your demons
Thinking you can run but you can't disguise
The blame is all on you my brother, but I can't cut them ties
So, I deal with the lies
And deal with the favors that you ask
But I'm still by my lonely, why can't I leave your ass in the past
Maybe because I really need a friend, somebody that's gon be there til the end
But ain't I sposed to feel that way this ring on my hand
Because of her shit, I'm the man you fools can't deal with the hand I was dealt
A lot of you keep saying that I lost my way
Man I was blind now I see, and I'm the light of day
And that should never be hard to say, cause I am him
But damn, that other dude won't go away
Tryna find the right choice to make
Is like tryna choose that proper pan to bake that perfect cake
But we all get it wrong, shit I get it wrong a couple times a day
Man what the fuck am I supposed to say
For a decade now I knew I'd never be that same dude in 2015 damn the fucking Saturday
Brought me to my knees, felt like I hit the beach
And floated out to sea, came back just to teach
Now I can finally breathe, but I just can't pretend that it's not killing me
At the same time, within the same rhyme, running these plays on my life like a quarterback blitz
Sometimes I feel like shit, just the thought of another life running parallel
Everyday growing better walking on eggshells
But I get it and I do it cause you don't know what you got
That ole cliché line got my mind filled with thoughts
I don't wanna be an equal to the sheep that I cross
Stay hitting that step back, leave em lost in the sauce
Ha, shit I'm just tryna make a living
Trust everything you've done and will do will be forgiving, huh
Cause that's the type of man that ya dealing with
I will never be alone like MJ in '96
Or was that '95, let me gon Google that
Truth hit me so fucking hard like a ball bat
This empty shell of what used to be
I've come to terms with the person that I've came to see, Jones